2013-14 Board: Erin Jeffers, Kathy Chismark, JT Shupe, Heidi Wyman, Kathy Sasseville, Tara Erickson, Donna Gamans


The Lamb's Board consists of individuals who are passionate and committed to making this school the best it can be. The Board is responsible for overseeing the school finances, policies, and many other practical functions of the school. The Board also oversees the volunteer-based parent support group - called Parent Shepherds - in special events and fundraising. It is our goal to make Lambs a fun and safe learning environment for our students and to communicate God's love for them and our community.

We encourage our families to contact any of the named board members should any questions or concerns arise during the course of the year. We appreciate our parents' participation and input - it helps us make decisions to the benefit of the school and our families.


Our Board Members:              
Donna Gamans - School Director           603-472-2113 lambsworkshop@gmail.com
Kathy Sasseville - Chairperson           603-472-7320 kathy_sasseville@comcast.net
Kathy Chismark - Member           603-472-9903 tkchizzy@comcast.com
Tara Erickson - Member           603-488-1003 dretlz@aol.com
Heidi Wyman - Treasurer           603-647-1450 heidiwyman@yahoo.com
Erin Jeffers - Member           603-628-1716 erin.e.jeffers@gmail.com
Pastor JT Shupe - BCC Liason           603-472-5545 jt@bethanycovenant.com
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