School Picnic

Our parents take turns on rotation providing a snack for their child's class. The rotation will be noted on the monthly calendar that goes out at the beginning of each month. Please note the number of children and teachers in your class to ensure that you have provided an adequate amount/number of snacks. You are not required to bring in a beverage since we only serve water. However, when choosing a snack for your child's class, please refer to the "Cheat Sheet" card that we give to each parent at the beginning of the year at orientation. Ideally, we like to provide a snack that covers at least two of the major food groups, but our primary concern is safety. Click here for our Allergy Safety Policy. We appreciate your cooperation and care in this area.

We ask that the children bring suitable outerwear once the weather turns cooler. Those who do not come with proper gear must either remain indoors or remain on "dry" areas (especially in snowy weather). On rainy days, or when the temperature dips below 20 degrees, we will have "free play" in the large room at the end of the hall.
We also require that any children using the playground area abide by the safety regulations during and after school hours. Please help us to enforce these safety precautions for the benefit of all.

Playground Safety Regulations

Acceptable behavior is encouraged by giving positive verbal rewards. This reinforces a child's good feeling about his/her behavior and serves as an example to the other children to act in such a way as to receive this praise. Asking a child to stop and think about his/her unpleasant behavior enables that child to work at self control.
For a child not cooperating in a group listening situation, the child is seated by a teacher and reminded of acceptable behavior. Removal from the group for a period of time is the next tactic used for a child who continually demonstrates unacceptable behavior. This time away from the group is not a punishment, but rather a time when the child may calm down, remember what behavior the teacher is asking for, and decide for him/herself when he/she is ready to rejoin the group with appropriate behavior.
Corporal punishment is not considered to be an acceptable method of dealing with young childrens' behavior. Children will not be hit, slapped, or spanked in any manner while attending The Lamb's Workshop. Likewise, we cannot permit a child to be violent with other children. If the staff has exhausted its options according to our discipline policy and still a child poses a threat to the safety of other children, the parent/guardian will be called upon to come and remove that child from the school for the remainder of the day. If such behavior continues, a parent conference will take place. Should the behavior continue beyond that point, the child may be excluded from the school for a day or two or indefinitely. The Lamb's Workshop must remain a safe place for children despite the increased violence in our society.

SCHOOL SAFETY PROCEDURES (specifically fire drills)
Fire drills will be held several times a year at the school and will include all students and teachers. The designated "lead teacher" will guide the children in an orderly manner to the nearest exit, and upon reaching the designated "safe place" will count the children to ensure all are accounted for. The last teacher in the class brings up the rear and is in charge of closing the classroom door(s) and records the time taken for the drill to be completed. For more in-depth details, please contact the main office.

Our general policy is to cancel school when the Bedford Public Schools choose to do so. If you are in doubt as to what our status may be, we encourage you to check our local TV channels or the radio station WZID 95.7 FM; or log on to www.wmur.com/closings. You may also refer to our home page on this website where we would post such closing details under the "announcement" section.
We endeavor to make a decision by 6:00am on any given day. When Bedford schools have a two (2) hour delay, we will not be holding our morning Kindergarten or preschool classes. In this scenario, we usually have our afternoon classes, however we urge parents to double check the above resources to confirm this decision. If the Bedford schools decide to change the delays to "all day closings", then we would do the same for the entire day. Above all, we ask that you use your own best judgement as to whether or not road conditions warrant the trip to school. We would rather you err on the side of caution if you had any questions regarding your travel safety.

We ask our parents to "reserve" the lower parking lot for parents with multiple young children, babies, and those bringing in large projects or snacks on occasion. In this way, we can help those who would find using the upper lot troublesome and/or dangerous. Those using the lower lot take note - it may be temporarily closed at times...see below.
Due to State Safety regulations the lower parking lot will be closed off when the children are outside for recess. This, however, is a temporary closing, and the lower lot will be reopened once the children are safely inside. You may queue up at the lower entry and wait until the barricade is removed if you so choose, or you may choose to use the upper lot. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but trust that you understand our concern for the children's safety.
As an aside - please don't stand and talk in the lower parking lots after drop-off or pick-up. This causes others to be delayed due to tight parking spaces and also endangers children who may be running around playing while parents talk. We welcome your talking but ask that all parents to do so either inside the building or well away from the parking lots. We appreciate your consideration in this matter.
The upper lot is open to all parents of Lambs. However, we ask that all drivers in this upper lot heed the arrows that direct the traffic in a counter-clockwise pattern (enter and bear right, exit left). This not only helps with traffic flow, but also lessens the chances of accidents occurring.
We ask that all of our parents be vigilant in taking note of the children around you when entering or exiting ANY of the parking lots! Conversely, parents, please keep a hand on your child at all times when walking in the parking lot - a child can easily dart out and get hurt if not near your side!
Lastly, if you see any unsafe situations occurring in these parking lots, please let a member of the school board or the director, Donna Gamans, know immediately. Thank you!

We encourage everyone to carpool! Parents must list all of the carpool drivers that their child will be riding with on the car pool permission slip. NO CHILD will be allowed to ride in a car of any other person without prior written parental permission.

The classroom doors open promptly at the beginning of class, not before. Children are asked to line up and wait with their parent(s) if they arrive prior to the start of class. Promptness in both delivery and pickup is expected. If a child is picked up after their normal dismissal time there will be a $10 late pick-up fee for the first 15 minutes late, plus $1 per minute thereafter.

Children are encouraged to wear play clothes and tennis shoes. Daily activities include active and messy play, and the children should feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves without worrying about their clothes.
We do ask that children DO NOT wear Croc -type, open toed or backless shoes.
Over the years, we have seen multiple accidents involving these types of foot wear, including tripping, rocks getting stuck inside shoe, the rubber soles getting "stuck" on carpeting/flooring and causing falls.

Please place your child's name on all of their clothing and belongings to help ensure the return of all their proper possessions and clothes. Thank you for your help in this!


Each child is required by state regulations to have a health statement on file with our office, which includes a record of up-to-date immunizations and the signature of the child's source of medical care and/or providers.  If a child's health care summary is not complete at the time of enrollment or within thirty (30) days after enrollment, the child will be excluded from the program.
Each child who has not had a physical examination within the last year must have one before entrance into preschool.  This physical may be done by a physician, public health nurse, or preschool screening clinic.
The Lamb's Workshop must have on file for each child a signed Permission for Health Care authorizing emergency care and transfer of medical records to the local hospital.  Emergency numbers for reaching the parent or guardian and another authorized person must also be on file. 

No child who arrives at school noticeably ill, with a rash, or with a fever will be admitted for that day.  Should a child become ill during the day, the parent is notified immediately.  The child is taken out of the classroom and will stay in the office under adult supervision until the parent or authorized person arrives to take the child home. 
In the event a child contracts a communicable disease and exposes the other children, notice of such exposure will be posted, and parents will be notified when they pick up their children.  The ill child will not be allowed to return to school until the period of contagion has passed.  
In case of medical emergency during a preschool session, first aid will be administered by the staff.  The parent or authorized adult will be notified as quickly as possible.  If medical attention is required, the staff will call the local ambulance service, which will transport the child to the local hospital. Every effort will be made to contact the child's own physician.

The following Holidays are celebrated by the children in their classes at Lambs:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Easter

Other holidays may be discussed and used in "teachable moments", taking what the children hear and see in the secular world and looking at it from a Christian perspective - with an emphasis that they belong to and are created by God.

The Board stands by it's decision to not allow birthday, or any other party invitations to be distributed at school unless the entire class is invited.  Invitations to part of the class could lead to "hurt feelings" and we would like to prevent such instances.
We also do not allow the children's "paper cubbies" to be used as "mail boxes" for the parents' various activities, i.e.: home party invitations (which may include but are not limited to Mary Kay, Avon, Pampered Chef, etc.) We wish to use them solely for school and church-related activities and announcements.

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